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Super Grade IV Hand Controls

#100 - SuperGrade IV Hand Controls

  • Easily installed in cars, trucks, or vans!
  • Controls the operation of accelerator & brakes! (Headlight dimmer & horn optional)
  • Does not interfere with non-disabled drivers!
  • Easy to operate! (Push forward for the brake & pull down toward your lap to accelerate)
  • The IDEAL permanent solution for any car, truck, or van!
  • Can be transferred from one vehicle to another (may require optional mounting bracket) This assures continued usability
  • With this control you can accelerate and brake at the same time which is an absolute must when you are starting you car on a hill. People that have used a hand control without this feature truly realize the value of having it.
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Portable Hand Controls

#122 - Portable Hand Controls

  • Ideal for someone who is traveling and would like the use of a rental or loaner car for a short period of time.
  • Installs quickly & easily using wing nuts to tighten the brackets to gas & brake pedal (2-15 minutes)
  • To be used on a TEMPORARY basis only. Must be used on vehicles with automatic transmission, power brakes, & power steering. You must have moderately strong arms to use these!
  • Portable hand controls MUST be removed for standard foot use.
  • Includes nylon carrying case for ease of transport

  • Click here to see the brochure.

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